Our objectives and values help guide our priorities and work.

About EAYP

East Africa Youth Parliament was conceptualised in in November 2007, during the East African Community Youth Summit under the auspices of the East Africa community. The Kenyan chapter was subsequently registered under the Societies Act.

Objectives & Values

The EAYP has a vision and objectives that help guide our priorities and work. We also have a range of values which guide the conduct of east Africa youth parliament business


  • To mainstream youth issues in policies, laws and programmes at the Community level
  • To sensitize national and regional policy makers on the need to identify and mainstream youth issues in the development of the Community;
  • To empower the youth to develop their potential, creativity and skirts as productive and dynamic members of the society;
  • To ensure youth participation in political processes and peace building for political, social and economic stability of the East Africa region;
  • To ensure youth participation in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national and regional development plans, policies and strategic and
  • To promote the values and ethos outlined in this policy

Core Values

Integrity and Patriotism

EAYP will endeavor to guarantee citizens of east africa the best quality products, fast and efficient services

Innovativeness and creativity

This is the basis of the future success of EAYP. Our commitment to service excellence will be demonstrated by our continuous improvement through creativity and innovations.

Professionalism, Teamwork, and Excellence

EAYP values effective teamwork, networking and collaboration when delivering services. The East Africa youth parliament will support and teamwork by recognizing both team and individual effort, output, continuous learning, accepting change and serving citizens professionally. We strive to attain the highest standards in all that we do.


We strive to ensure effective youth participation and representation at all levels of decision making so that young people can gain sense of contributing something  of value to the society, feeling connected to others and to society, believe that they have choices about their future and feeling of being positive and comfortable with their own destiny.

Equity and Equality

We strive to ensure equity and equality and advocate for structures, systems and processes that facilitate achievement of youth parity.

Honesty and accountability

We will integrate good governance at all levels. We strive to serve east Africa citizens in an honest, trustworthy and transparent manner


Identifying, debating and lobbying for issues involving the youth, in the context of development and also of the common identity of the EAC.