Governance Structure

Our Management Hierarchy Structure
Our Structure
EAYP’s structure and governance is designed to promote transparency, to facilitate collaboration with members and consultation with stakeholders, and to ensure the effective operations of the assembly.

Structure & Governance

The Secretariat

The organization functions through a technical arm that implements the decisions of THE National Eexecitive Council, National Governing Council  & the National Central Commitee inform of a
Secretariat. The secretariat is made up of highly qualified employees of the organization appointed by the Central Committee to implement the decisions both at the higher kevels and in the field. The executive director heads the secretariat. Specific activities are undertaken by departments. The departments include but not limited to, finance, membership, administration, membership, advocacy, lobbying and partnerships


 Membership services

Responsible for membership recruitments, governance and affiliation. The activities are guided by the organizations constitution and membership policy that gives direction defines relationships, among members and groups and guides organization to build and maintains a membership a bank to facilitate and ensure service provision to its members. It includes but not limited to,

  • Capacity building
  • Advisory and consultancy services
  • Facilitation of youth entrepreneurship
  • Representation of youths at various levels

Department of finance

Ensures efficient financial and resources management of the organization. It oversees the long and short-term planning of the organization by preparing audited accounts, budgets and financial reports for all projects. It guided the procurement of goods and services

Department of administration

Coordinated under the stewardship of the executive director, all departments’ heads meet on regular basis to review, plan, and strategize on overall functions and focus of the organization. The department oversees personnel administration, legal affairs, and issues in line with the recruitment, promotions, discipline and the relationship of the organizations with that of the general public

 Department of lobbying, advocacy and partnerships and project management

It’s responsible for initiating research to build evidence to support lobby cases information sharing, building partnerships, and policy analysis, and advocacy issues affecting the youth. To successfully lobby the organization has a strategy to collect information from the lowest unit of devolution at the estate and village level. It’s also involved in the appraisal, programme planning, implementation, seeking funding, evaluation and monitoring. It raises the funds for various projects undertaken by the organization, it also develops and implements the organizations’ monitoring and evaluation framework as well as profiling member organizations to identify the areas of intervention for institutional development and organizations’ strengthening. It coordinates field activities and carries out periodic capacity need assessment for the staff& members and organizes prerequisite trainings.


Identifying, debating and lobbying for issues involving the youth, in the context of development and also of the common identity of the EAC.